Press Tool Designs:

Progressive Tool Design is the key factor for the high volume production on continuous basis for all the sheet metal components. Kedage Precisions has manufactured a wide range of Progressive Tools for complex parts with dimensionally & functionally critical components.
So, with the great experience in tool manufacturing Kedage Precisions can offer a innovative design solutions for the sheet metal parts with complex nature and with consistent dimensional stability.

While designing the high end progressive tools the following factors are taken into account :-

  • Economic Strip Layout which is to be approved by the customer for maximum utilisation of the strip &     To certify the burr directions.
  • Each stage of the progressive tool is provided with Tool proofed die insert for easy replacement in case    of breakage.
  • Also the cutting / non cutting die inserts will have replaceable spacer for the easy re-sharpening.
  • Along with Die set which is guided with 4-6 Main Guides, the Punch holder / Stripper / die plates will    have Micro Guides for the accurate alignment
  • Strip Guide / Lifter are provided for the trouble free Auto run.
  • Strip Guide extensions are provided to ensure proper strip feeding in to the die.
  • Punch and die back plates are provided to absorb the trust load on the punch & die inserts.
  • Misfeed pilot arrangement is provided to stop the press in-case of mis-feeding of the Strip.
  • Stripper Bottoming buttons are provided to transfer the forming Load on the Top Half for forming    operations.
  • Die rest buttons are provided to balance the Stripper and to ensure the Stripper is just contacting the     strip and not clamping the strip.
  • All die / punch reliefs are provided to avoid damage marks on the formed areas.
  • Proper Slug reliefs are ensured for the free fall of the Slug / Components.
  • Wherever required Side actuated or top actuated cam -punch/dies are used for the bending/Forming    stages to accommodate the strip thickness variation & to adjust the form consistency for all the critical    components.
  • All the necessary safety sensors will be provided based on customer requirement.

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    So, with the above design features, The Progressive Tool manufactured will run efficiently with consistent result and trouble free production run.So, if you are in need of progressive tool designs send your enquiries to Kedage Precisions.

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